About Medic-Grow oil & research

Medic-Grow oil & research is a company specializes in legal cannabis. We have been specialized in cannabis industry for many years. We offer our services to professionals in the sector and assist them in creating an efficient turnkey project. The support we give is personalized to the clients project.

Cannabis cultivation is a science in itself. You have to manage the plant’s sex, its light time exposure, its fertilization , Indoor or outdoor cultivation, feminization, regular or automatic seeds or clones, soil or hydroponics, etc. We will make sure to find the solution that best fits your purpose.

Our know-how is already recognized in Europe and the United-States. We also collaborate with several different universities around the world to gather more information.

Business Plan

We can provide you with a high-quality business plan where we include all our proposals and knowledge.

Structures & Technical Premises

Based on your investment and business plan, we can give you recommendations on the sizing of your units. Our guidelines meet the strictest requirements of the industry.

Agronomic Support

Preparation of growing guidelines and assistance during the project implementation phases.

Extraction Support

Choice of the most efficient systems adapted to budget for all processing steps.


In accordance with the local legislation, we can help you to obtain different labels with strict specifications. This will develop your reputation, level of quality, and services in the market.


In order to reach the fullness of your project, we can put you in contact with the best specialists that we have in our network.


Having a high quality product or service is important, but that is only half the battle.  We will help you generate sales by exposing your business on various reputable hemp related platforms.

Testing Facilities

We can test everything that has to do with agriculture including water. Our facilities can also test all cannabis related products from raw to end products. 


We can help you organize the right field preparation, growing, harvesting, and extractions related machines for your company based on your plans.