Sheepfat bonbons for dogs

Product Information

Number of grams per bag: 200
Number of pieces per bag: ≈ 60
Number of mg of CBD: 5 each, 300 per bag
Heated / decarboxed: Yes
THC percentage: THC free
Standard taste: Salmon

Price: € 


A unique CBD product that cannot be missed in a CBD shop. Dog owners will be positively surprised about the properties of this high-quality sheep fat bonbon enriched with CBD and salmon oil.
The bonbons are fully developed for dogs. With a special composition of ingredients, they are an exceptionally healthy and tasteful addition to the dog’s daily diet. For example, they are rich in omega 3 and 6 and vitamins A and D.
Each sheep fat bonbon also contains 5 mg of CBD. The bonbons are of course 100% natural and therefore free of any unwanted addition.