CBG oil raw

Product Information

Standard carrier oil: Hemp seed oil
Taste CBG: Very strong, earthy and bitter
Heated / decarboxed: no
Color: Dark brown
THC percentage: <0.2%
Viscosity: Thin

Price: € 


This CBG oil is a pure and unprocessed extract of a hemp type that contains a lot or CBG.
In addition to CBG, CBD and CBC. Because the oil is unpurified and unheated, it also
contains all naturally occurring terpenes and other active substances for a maximum “entourage effect”.
The THC percentage is <0.2%.  
This oil is therefore suitable for both animals and people, for young and old.
Use this oil in combination with broad or full spectrum CBD oil for a maximum “entourage effect”. The standard carrier oil for this CBG oil is hemp seed oil.