Our CBD oil RAW is of the highest quality in its class.
It contains the naturally occurring chlorophyll, but is
free from waxes and sediment. This makes the viscosity thin and therefore this oil is very drippable. The oil is available in combination with MCT oil and hemp seed oil.
The CBD: CBDA ratio is 3: 2. In addition to CBD, this oil also contains other cannabinoids
such as CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDV and THC.
Because the purification of this RAW version is minimal and because no heating has taken place, the oil contains all naturally occurring terpenes for a maximum “entourage effect”.
The THC percentage is below 0.2%.
Choose an added flavor or terpene profile.

Price: € 


Standard carrier oil: MCT oil, hemp seed oil
Taste: Earthy, slightly bitter
Heated / decarboxed: No
Color: Light brown color
Standard THC percentage: <0.2%
Viscosity: Thin
Purity: Filtered and free from waxes